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LAM Services, LLC employs two divisions

(Construction and Management) that

work in tandem. The General Contractor and Construction Division offer a variety of trades, such as, quality interior and exterior painting, paint stripping and removal, as well as other finishing trades. The Management Division work closely with the Construction Division and handles all of the project management, site safety and health officers, site superintendents and quality assurance personnel for all management contracts. With these two divisions working in concert, LAM Services LLC touts itself as a one stop shop to handle any project from conception to completion. We pride ourselves on retaining highly qualified, educated and skilled employees that will deliver the most professional product possible.                                                 

We currently provide services in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States as well as Texas.


LAM Services, LLC institutes the following procedures to reach its goals:

  • Create a position of inventory and/or supply coordinator, and have at least one expediter assigned to each project
  • Have a dedicated Project Manager for each project who is responsible for maintaining quality assurance and quality control
  • Keep all employees abreast of OSHA and company safety policies
  • Institute teaming/joint venture agreements with other firms to successfully complete our clients’ projects

Charleston, South Carolina

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Jacksonville, Florida



Every team member we employ is licensed and certified, with years of experience.

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